Three years ago if you had told me I’d have the relationship I have now, I would have thought it was wishful thinking. To have a man who loves and supports me, and who accepts me exactly as I am, is a dream-come-true. My man brings me lunch if I’m working, celebrates with me when I am excited about something, holds me when I cry, and does things I never would’ve even thought to ask for in a partner. 

I remember getting huge crushes on men who wouldn’t call for days, driving to a date and the guy showing up 20 minutes late, going out of my way to see a man who didn’t even seem to care if he saw me, being single for 8 years because I took on a belief I was too selfish to be in a relationship, doing things to “make him love me”, putting everyone else first, and so many other things that I thought was just normal. I thought it was up to me to figure out how to be someone that someone else would love, instead of being me and only surrounding myself with people who would love me as I was. I truly didn’t believe anyone would really love me just as I am. 

I would go online to try to figure out what I needed to do to get a good guy. I found all of these courses on how to send the right text or say the right thing to “make him crazy” about me. It seemed like everything I read was how to manipulate the man into loving me and I didn’t feel right about doing that so I would just give up on dating all over again. On top of that, most of these dating coaches were single. Why would I take advice from them?

I decided to focus on myself and being happy alone. At one point I had so much anxiety I didn’t want to be alone out of the house unless I was on the phone with someone. I’ve learned that “crazy” people are really just terrified. I was terrified of being alone and unloved. I knew the only way out was through and I did not want to be on medication, so I turned to holistic wellness. I learned a bunch of tools to be comfortable being me. 

After about a year of using the various tools, I actually learned to love my own company. I truly was happy being alone and I truly loved myself. Then I decided that I would like to have a great relationship. Since dating still terrified me, I decided to turn it into a big experiment to make it fun. This led me to create a dating system for sorting, meeting, and enjoying dates. It made dating way more fun!

After about 3 months of using this system, I met my love. This led to a whole new set of skills I learned to navigate the first months of a new relationship and all of the resistance and fear that comes up. I’ve been with my love for 2.5 years now and I am always looking for ways to keep my energy clear and my fear away so I can love and appreciate my partner for who he is. 

No matter where you are in the dating process… single for years, starting to date, or in the first few months of a new relationship you may experience fear, resistance, and a range of emotions and habits that you may not like. That’s where my courses and coaching come in. I can teach you the tools, processes, and systems that I used to create a great dating experience. Check out my courses and if you’d like personalized support, I’d love to have a call with you to see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

My Passion

My passion is ending the abuse cycle in the world. I love giving people tools to process emotions and to dig deep within themselves to transform so that they never tolerate anyone not treating them well. I also give people tools for lowering their barriers to receiving love so that they can show up in a more loving way with their heart showing. 

My other passion is creating freedom for myself and then giving the tools I use to others. I love giving people clarity on their goals so that they can take the action towards reaching them. I believe everyone should be emotionally, physically, and financially free to create a life they absolutely love. 

My Goals

My goals are to give people the tools to empower them to create a life that is beyond their wildest imagination. The life that is just “wishful thinking” right now. 

I am a certified life coach, reiki master, Access Consciousness Bars practitioner and facilitator, Lifeworks University leadership program graduate, mastermind group leader, and I will be a yoga teacher soon. I love personal development and learning even more tools to create results faster and easier.